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Life Teen and Oneight Programs 

Life Teen is an international movement inspired by the Holy Spirit. The goal is to bring teens closer to Christ through the Eucharist. Oneight is the 2nd year Confirmation program associated with Life Teen. 

For more information about Life Teen visit their website

Contact Information:
  • Life Teen, June Ortiz – (505)440-0300
  • Oneight, Camille – (505)263-6927

Brief Overview of the Programs:

Our Life Teen and Oneight programs consist of about three required events per month starting in August through April when the teens are confirmed. At least one year of Life Teen with good attendance is required prior to enrolling in the Oneight program. We are a Life Teen parish that strives to lead its teens closer to Christ with each ministry we provide for the youth. 

Oneight requires 24 hours of community service in four different areas: at home, in the parish, within the community, and worldly. We also require our teens to participate in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament monthly, with a total of 8 or more hours. Our program also requires the attendance of two mandatory weekend retreats. Attendance of all class events is imperative. Teens are only allowed a maximum of two absences.

The teens in Oneight are required to turn in a number of assignments. It is the Confirmandi’s responsibility to make sure they are completing the assignments in a timely manner and that they are turned in on the set date, see schedule of events, and Edge grades.

Please see “The Life Teen Program” and “The Confirmation Program” for a complete breakdown of our programs.

Life Teen Requirements
Registrant must be in 9th grade or older
Provide record of Baptism upon registration
Attend at least 1 retreat with our parish prior to entering your Confirmation year.

Oneight Confirmation Requirements
Registrant must be in 10th grade or older.
Have attended at one year of Life Teen, meeting all of the 1st year confirmation requirements. 
Provide record of Baptism upon registration.
Attend 2 retreats with our parish in Confirmation year.
Complete 24 hours community service hours.
Turn in all assignments.