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Secrets of the Vatican 2014, PBS Frontline

If you have the opportunity, please look up and view this most important program which has aired recently on PBS. It sheds important light on the scandals and dysfunction of the Church’s Bishops, Hierarchy and Vatican Curia during the long years of the ultra-conservative pontificates of Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI. This program is excellent, important and most enlightening. Featured regularly in the program is Mr. Robert Mickens, the Rome Correspondent for The Tablet. The Tablet is the oldest English language International Catholic Weekly in the world which has been published since 1840 . Robert Mickens’ writings and reporting is regularly featured in our Saint Therese Parish Bulletin, Website and App. The program ends with the election of the wonderful Pope Francis and his efforts to rid the Church of careerism among bishops and clergy (which can be traced as the root of the scandals, evils and dysfunction in the Church) and the great hope that so many billions of persons hold since the election of Pope Francis.

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